Confectionery Products

Multi Food Co. imports and distributes all kinds of confectionery food products, from all over the world, we represent companies from France, UK, USA, Croatia, Italy and several other countries, we have pldges to our self to only bring the premium quality products to the market. As for the confectionery products distribution goes, we distribute to all supermarkets, hypermarkets and major chain-shops in the market.


Meat Products

Our meat products are for fresh and frozen meat we import and distribute several kinds of meat starting with beef, veal, and lamb our meat products as goes for all of our products are of the best quality, we import from countries like France, Brazil, and Australia, and we distribute to the whole market starting with the wholesale market to all supermarkets, hypermarkets, major chain-shops restaurants and other.


Chicken Products

As for our chicken business we import and distribute frozen chicken to fill a gap in the Egyptian market, we import from countries like France and Brazil, as for this specific products we try to balance the equation between best quality and competitive prices, we distribute to all supermarkets, hypermarkets, major chain-shops, and the whole sale markets, like of our products we distribute all over Egypt. As mentioned to cover a market gap in chicken production.