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Vegeta is the best known genuine Croatian product. It is a unique mixture of spices enriched with several kinds of dried vegetables. Vegeta is a combination of culinary experience and healthy ingredients. As a universal food seasoning it gives a full and rich flavor to all savoury dishes, from the tiniest snacks to the richest of feasts. At the same time, Vegeta is a real phenomenon because in the five decades of its existence it has become an indispensable ingredient of almost any savoury dish in the cuisines of over 30 countries worldwide.

Caramel Spread

Caramel Spread is our most recent SKU. It is targeted to fill market gap, as Bonne Mamman is the only brand that supplies Caramel Spread in Egypt. For recipes Click Here or Here or Here

Cheese Popcorn

“THE MOVIENIGHT COMPANION” that is what our customers call our microwave popcorn, as it is now the number one brand of microwave popcorn in Egypt. The cheese popcorn has been very popular compared to other flavors and it is the highest sales as well. You have not eaten popcorn until you have tried “MagicPop”

Multi Food owns 18 Reefer vans to distribute the products on daily basis; our distribution channels are as follows: Wholesale Market, Key Accounts, HORECA, Sub-Distributors Distribution Cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Mansoura, Ismailia, Port Said.Read More

Our main warehouse is located in Elobour City with surface of 2500sqm. and capacity of 4,000 MT. It is divided into 14 rooms to store our products, the rooms are equipped with cooling, and freezing machines that are imported from the United States, and the isolating panels are from Europe.Read More

We have a very strong group of employees that work hard on achieving the company's goals. Our team posses significant qualities of collaboration and cooperation. We have a friendly work environment that allows employees to be comfortable and satisfied while doing their tasks. Our managersRead More

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