About Us

Multi Food was established in 1999 specializing in the Importation and distribution of products in the confectionery field; the concepts behind Multi Food was for diversification of the products imported, increases our distribution channels, and serve our clients with high quality elite products. Due to our good reputation, our suppliers all over the world have trusted us with representing their products in the Egyptian market. Multi Food succeeded its main aim which is to act as a multinational company with national capabilities; Acting as a leading company in the market, Multi Food was the first company in Egypt to import smoked salmon, and caviar in the late 90s. Moreover, it was the first to introduce Caramel Microwave popcorn later in 2011 and Caramel Spread in 2014. We are proud to say that some of our brands are now market leaders among their competitors. Multi Food now is one of the biggest companies in the confectionery field in Egypt.


Multi Food owns 18 Reefer vans to distribute the products on daily basis; our distribution channels are as follows: Wholesale Market, Key Accounts, HORECA, Sub-Distributors. Distribution Cities are Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Mansoura, Ismailia, Port Said.


Our main warehouse is located in Elobour City with surface of 2500sqm. and capacity of 4,000 MT. It is divided into 14 rooms to store our products, the rooms are equipped with cooling, and freezing machines that are imported from the United States, and the isolating panels are from Europe. We also have one warehouse in Cairo with surface of 500sqm. and capacity of 800 MT, and one in Alexandria with surface of 400sqm. and capacity of 650 MT.

Team Work

We have a very strong group of employees that work hard on achieving the company's goals. Our team posses significant qualities of collaboration and cooperation. We have a friendly work environment that allows employees to be comfortable and satisfied while doing their tasks. Our managers work along with their employees in trying to achieve their missions. We created an environment that make our employees comfortable, like providing them with the basic daily needs such as food, drinks and clean, safe offices.


Our mission is to bring the world’s finest food quality to the Egyptian and golf markets, Quality has always been our first priority with our purchase and import executives roaming the world in search for new products that has never been introduced to the markets we serve. Our mission is to make all of our products available at all times at the most reasonable price.


Our vision is an Egyptian and Golf market being served with the same quality food products and all variety as the western developed countries, it’s our hope and aim to cover all sections of the market in this regard.