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Multi Commerce is a sole proprietorship company that was established in 1992. We started with importing American apples then added bananas, kiwi, pears, grapes, and plumbs. We import from the US, Italy, France, Chile, China, and South Africa. In 1996, Multi Commerce was the second company in the history of Egypt to get a charter vessel full with American apples. A charter vessel is a huge ship filled with one kind of fruit; its capacity is 3,000 tons, which is equal to 150,000 cartons. Multi Commerce is now considered to be one of the most important companies in importing fresh fruits. We have reached 300-350 containers per year in 2011. Multi Commerce, specializing in import of Fresh fruits from all over the world at a time where importation was not an easy thing to do. It started with import of American apples owning back then 100% of the American apples market and now 68% of the American apples market. Since the foundation of the company, the only sales point was through Whole Sale market due to the massive amounts imported every year.


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Our mission is defined by our customers needs, as a customer oriented organization our mission is to deliver fruits and vegetables to our local and international customers. With customers’ needs to have only the best quality product deliver all the time high quality is our mission. As an organization our mission is to grow our market share and make our products available to more clients, with the high quality and affordable prices.


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Our vision is a limitless world where all fruits and vegetables available everywhere all the time, connecting the northern and southern hemisphere, Our vision is high quality fruits and vegetables with affordable prices. Enabling our end user retail customer a healthy nutrition at an affordable price